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Eco Committee / Eco Pwyllgor


Dear Parent, Pupils and Governors,

We are delighted to share that we have been awarded the Eco Schools Platinum Award for the 7th time!  Well done to all pupils, staff and the Eco Committee who contributed towards the success of our application.


Our Eco Schools Officer has made the following comments about the award:

'Many thanks to you and the Eco-Committee for your time during the recent visit. It was great to discuss ideas with members of your Eco-Committee and wonderful to see their enthusiasm for their role.  I was very pleased to hear how you responded as a school to the new additional single use plastic produced by the bottles at lunchtime and acted to ensure that they were recycled instead of going to landfill. The same goes for the food waste system that you implemented in order to deal with the new practice of pupils needing to eat lunch in their classrooms. With so much going on, it would have been easy to ignore this issue but your response to the problem demonstrates the whole school’s commitment to caring for our environment.



Eco Committee Members 2021 - 2022


Class 7 - Nia

Class 8 - Freddie  

Class 9 - Ethan

Class 10 - Finlay 

Class 11 - Florence (Chairperson)

Class 12 - Joseph (Secretary)

Class 13 - Isabel (Vice Chairperson)

Class 14 - Ella (Treasurer)

Eco Code 2021-2022

Please see below our brand new Eco Code.  Our Eco Committee have worked hard to create the code using ideas from pupils who recently took part in a homework task.  Pupils were awarded a prize during recent assemblies if their ideas were used in the final code.  Da iawn!  We hope that you like it. 

We have recently been working on the first initiative from this year's Action Plan - reducing dog waste around our school grounds.

The Eco Committee have surveyed the amount of dog waste around our school - please see the results below.  Next we asked all pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 to produce posters to raise awareness of the problem of dog waste on the paths and streets close to school.  These posters have been judged by our Eco Committee and the winning posters are displayed below. 

The winning posters were created by the following pupils:

Ella - Class 14

Nikita - Class 10

Holly - Class 11

Robyn - Class 8

Helin - Class 11

Isabelle - Class 3


We have also arranged for a banner to be produced so that the posters can be displayed outside school for everyone to see.  The banner also contains a QR Code which, when scanned, will take you to Flintshire County Council's Street Scene website where you can report dog waste in our local area.


We have recently completed another survey of the dog waste around our school.  As you can see when you compare the two graphs above and below, we are pleased to say that the number of incidences of dog waste have reduced from 90 to 38 from our initial survey which took place in January 2022.  We are delighted with this result and would like to thank members of the community for their efforts in reducing waste in our community.  We are hopeful that the banner outside school, which contains examples of our posters and link to Flintshire County Council's Street Scene site, has contributed to the reduction of waste. Diolch. 

This year we having been asking individual year groups in school to plan Eco themed initiatives which are linked to their topic.  This is a great way to incorporate the new Curriculum for Wales into their work across Areas of Learning Experience such as Health and Wellbeing and Science and Technology as well as aspects of the Four Core Purposes such as Ethical Informed Citizens.

Please find below information about the work that our pupils in Year 3 have been completing this term which has focused upon the new 20mph speed enforcement in Buckley - this links to the Eco Schools topic of 'Transport'.

Many thanks to the staff and pupils in Year 3 as well as a local councillor who kindly loaned us the equipment needed to carry out this work. 

The graph below shows the data collected by Year 3 pupils in May 2022.  From the 71 cars surveyed, only 8 were driving at a speed lower than 20mph.

Pupils have created posters to encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limit which we are currently having made into a banner to display outside school.

Our pupils intend to re-survey the speed of cars in our local area again soon, so that we can see if our posters have helped to reduce the speed of cars near school.