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Welcome to our School Council

Owl Parliament

We are pleased to introduce our 2018/2019 School Council!

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 were elected by their peers to represent their class on the School Council. This year the children voted for a new name and 'The Owl Parliament' was chosen.

Miss Braid and Mrs Wilkie have recently taken over the role of being the link teachers for the School Council and are looking forward to working with the children during the course of year.  

We are pleased to welcome the following children to the committee, who were elected to  carry out various roles within the School Council:

Chairperson ~ Cameron Year 6

Vice Chairperson ~ Ruben Year 3

Minutes Secretary ~ Erin Year 6 and Kaya Year 4

Treasurer ~ Luca Year 4


School Council 2017/2018 Success'

The School Council had a busy over the course of last year leading the way on 'Pupil Voice' initiatives that had a big impact on our school. Here are some of their successful ventures:

  • Hand washing project - The School Council lead and judged a whole school hand washing poster competition; the winning posters are now up on the walls in all the bathrooms in school reminding the children of the importance to wash their hands.  
  • Playground games - The School Council selected Welsh playground games to teach to our Foundation Phase children - it was a great success and the children have had lots of fun playing these new games.  
  • School Dinner Theme Days - All the School Council members have assisted our School Cook by being involved in getting their class to vote on different theme day ideas. These have proved to be very popular school dinner days throughout the year!     

Our first initiative of 2018 involved Mountain Lane being part of an exciting new community school council in the Buckley and Mynydd Isa Consortium. This community school council was given a very important title - 'The Successful Futures Cluster Group'. Every school in the consortium nominated two pupil delegates to be part of this group. The pupils at Mountain Lane who were given this important role are Erin and Alfie.

The first community group project was to identify a negative issue in the community of Buckley and Mynydd Isa. Our School Council members were given the task of teaching a lesson to their class in order to identify ideas for community problems. All the lessons ended with a class vote. The School Council pupils then brought their results back to the meeting where we did a tally of the results. Here are some photographs:

Owl Parliament 2018/19 Peaceful Playground Project

Our most current project of 2019 also came from pupil voice. 

The Owl Parliament asked their classes which areas of the school life they are most pleased with and those of which they would like to improve. 

Our results showed that pupils felt lunch time play was a little difficult with little equipment and football causing some issues. 

We met as a committee and agreed that lunch time play would be our focus project this year- aiming to encourage a happy and peaceful playtime- and so came 'The Peaceful Playground Project'.


We have worked together with 'Friends of Mountain Lane' to raise money for new equipment and games for our yard. We also came up with the idea of sectioning off an area of the yard using 'Smoogas', specifically for football with the hope the ball would no longer interfere with other peoples games etc.


Take a look at some of the photographs below showing some of the hard work we have done so far this year to help make our Peaceful Playground Project a success: