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Mountain Lane in the Community

At Mountain Lane we embrace opportunities to share and work with the community.  

One such activity Year 4 undertook last year was to work with the Buckley Society on creating some resources for the Buckley section of the North East Wales Digital Trails app which gives lots of information about our local area.  We greatly enjoyed learning more about Buckley and the rich industrial history behind the layout of the town today.

As part of their project the Buckley Society also worked with Dextra Visual to complete the digitised fly through of early 20th Century Buckley that you can see below.  We are blown away by the results and it really brings Buckley of the 1900's to life for us.

Please visit the relevant app store to download the North East Wales app ( GooglePlaystore  or Apple App Store ) for you to view our work on the Brickworks of Buckley. 

We are also sharing below the flyby video that has been created, can you spot where Mountain Lane now stands?

Thank you to the Buckley Society for allowing us to be a part of this fantastic project, bringing the history of our town to life and helping us to get to know Buckley that little bit more.