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Mountain Lane School

Committed to Excellence


The Governing Body is totally committed to the success of the school and is always involved in the decision making process with regards to new appointments, school budget, health and safety and all curricular issues.

The Governing Body has been sub-divided into 4 groups – Finance,  Leadership & Management, Well-being, Attitudes to Learning, Care, Support & Guidance and Standards/Teaching & Learning Sub-committees. The committees meet regularly and minutes are presented at a full Governors’ Meeting, which are held at least once a term. At a full Governors’ Meeting the Headteacher presents her termly report and informs the Governors of the work undertaken by the school and of any new initiatives that the school has been involved in.  Each Governor is also allocated a place on one of 4 Appointment Panels.  Minutes of the Governors’ Meetings are available for our parents on request.
Mem ber s of the Governi ng Body
Mrs I M Walker - Headteacher
Cllr M Peers - (Chair)  - LEA
Mr D Platten (Vice Chair) - LEA
Mrs M McMahon - LEA
Mrs R Stewart - LEA
Mrs J Jones - Additional Community
Fthr N Kelly - Community
Mr M Owen - Community
Cllr J Hutchinson - Community
Mr S Griffiths - Community
Mrs M Woodyatt - Parent Governor
Miss K Gray - Parent Governor
Mrs S Wilkie - Parent Governor 
Mr C Davies - Parent Governor
Mrs M Smith - Parent Governor
Mrs R Shaw - Teacher Governor
Mrs Y Tomkinson - Teacher Governor
Mrs A Hellen - Staff (Non Teaching) Governor
Mrs C Pryce - Clerk

Lead Governors

ALN & Child Protection            -     Mrs R Shaw and Mrs I Walker

Literacy                                  -     Mrs R Stewart

Numeracy                               -     Mrs M McMahon

RE                                         -      Fthr. N Kelly

Digital Comp.                         -      Mrs M Woodyatt

Welsh                                    -      Mr M Owen

Well-being                             -      Cllr J Hutchinson