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Are you a safe searcher?  Think carefully about what search terms you use and which search providers you go through.

Digital Health / Iechyd Digidol

At Mountain Lane we work hard to ensure our pupils know how to remain safe using technology and recognise that there are dangers, especially online.  We are committed to ensuring pupils are aware of how to stay safe and to avoid the dangers wherever possible.  Should they run into an issue we have our fantastic team of DigiOwls, encompassing the eCadets, firmly embedded in school to offer advice and assistance to the pupils in their classes.  The pupils drive the focus but have the backing of Mrs R Davies (Phase 3) and Mrs Lloyd (Phase 2) to support them in their valuable work.

Many pupils have commented on how they feel they can ask questions that they would have been shy to ask of an adult, and get support and advice from young people who understand their viewpoint.

The digital world has been developing at a tremendous pace, this was enhanced by the Covid pandemic where we all suddenly needed to use our homes as remote classrooms.  Our DigiOwls will be working to provide half termly updates below to keep you up to date with some of the latest Apps, Games and Sites that your children may be using. 

Check back regularly for our DigiOwl Updates.

17th June 2022

This week we would like to bring you information on an online game your children may have been playing.  It is called Among Us and is a space-themed free online game where up to 15 players play together. They are assigned the roles of ‘Crewmate’ or ‘Imposter’.  It is PEGI rated 7, however in the App Store it is rated age 9.  The aim of the game is for the crewmates to identify the players who are the imposters before the imposters can secretly sabotage their tasks and individually eliminate the crewmates.  This game is all about communication and strategy to work out who the imposters are, a bit like Cluedo or a murder mystery game.

Some general tips are:

  • Download the game from official App stores e.g. Play Store / AppStore to ensure you are downloading the genuine game.
  • Encourage your child to set up their own games as host and only play with people they know.  It is recommended you check with them who is in their friends lists.
  • If they are playing publicly, make sure your child keeps their information private and consider setting controls on the chat function to help keep them safe.

For more details about the game and further ways to keep your children safe whilst playing Among Us, please visit  

Our eCadets even get the staff involved in promoting good friendship skills when using Social Media.  Script by eCadets team acted out by our very willing staff. 

Is Mrs Whitley being a good friend? We will let you decide!