Welsh is given a high profile at school and the use of bilingualism by staff and pupils is encouraged. A policy statement on the use of bilingualism at Mountain Lane has been produced. 

The pupils are encouraged to realise the importance of our Welsh heritage and culture.  A special service to celebrate the Patron Saint of Wales, St David is always held on a school day nearest to 1st March. We have also hold Welsh afternoons where children complete various activities to develop their language skills and understanding of the Welsh culture.


Cymraeg Campus

This year we are continuing our work on the initiative in school in order to increase the use of Welsh in and around the school, and also to propel the children to further enjoy learning Welsh. Having already gained our Bronze Award in Autumn 2019, we are now working towards our Silver Award. We have a group of young people who are keen to improve the Welsh in our school and be enthusiastic role models, promoting the language. 



The Criw Cymraeg understand their roles and responsibilities. During the year they :

  • take part in meetings,
  •  announce awards in assemblies
  • take a lead role in weekly assemblies,
  • support the Owlets to encourage Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to play Welsh playground games
  • Set up outdoor Graffiti boards for children to practise their Welsh
  • make suggestions for theme days 
  • run the Siop Cymraeg and look after the Caban Cymraeg
  • make suggestions for ways to improve Welsh at our school

AND lots more...

Here is the presentation we shared with parents and family members at our 

Parents afternoon/Prynhawn Rhieni this year.

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Gallery - image 1

The Criw Cymraeg met with a representative from the Welsh Books Council to view a range of Welsh books. They spent time looking at them and selecting ones which they thought would be suitable and exciting additions to our class libraries. 

Class Mascots

Class mascots are making their weekly home visits. Is it your turn?

Below you will find recordings of the Welsh vocabulary you might want to use to share your class mascot's weekend news.

Dyma fi a... Here I am with ...

(add in mascot's name)

Mae ... yn hapus/drist/wedi blino. 

(add in mascot's name) is happy/sad/tired.

Mae ...  yn chwarae/bwyta/cysgu/darllen.

(add in mascot's name) is playing/eating/sleeping/reading.

The Criw have tried out Welsh apps and websites to use in school. Here are some:

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Gallery - image 1
Gallery - image 2
Gallery - image 3

Betsan a Roco yn y Pentref,   Campau Cosmig,  Ap Geiriaduron,  Magi Ann

Possible Welsh phrases to use at home

amser te  (am-sair tair) - tea time

amser gwely (am-sair gwel-ee) - bed time

nos da (norse dar) - good night

hwyl fawr (hoo-will vowr)- goodbye

bendigedig (ben dee ged ig) - wonderful / fantastic

dioch  (dee olck) - thank you